Entrepreneur in biomedicine
  • Build your business in the health care industry
  • Work in startups and innovation projects
  • Develop business within the framework of existing companies
  • Build your business in the health care industry
  • Work in startups and innovation projects
  • Develop business within the framework of existing companies
  • работать в стартапах и инновационных проектах
  • развивать бизнес в рамках уже существующих компаний
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Entrepreneur in biomedicine
  • Build your business in the health care industry
  • Work in startups and innovation projects
  • Develop business within the framework of existing companies
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Business in biomedicine
Run your business in biomedicine with support from  personal mentors and scientific advisors
The mindset of an entrepreneur
You will be able to put into practice the material you have learned and launch your own startup during your studies
The mindset of a scientist
Master the specifics of biomedicine and pharmacy, get a "knowledge package" about current trends in these fields
Project scaling
Learn the specifics of registration procedures in the biomedical industry and mechanisms for bringing projects to the global market
Careers after graduation
Manager at biotech company

Product manager in a healthcare company

Business Development Manager in a pharmaceutical company

Marketing Manager in a biomedical company
Average salary of a specialist in the field of biomedicine
230 k
  Biomedical Business Analyst
  Advisor on business strategy in biomedical industry
  Head of a startup in biomedical field
10 reasons to enter the program
"Entrance ticket" to the world of biomedicine and pharmacy - you will learn the basic processes that exist in these specific industries and begin to understand the peculiarities of the field
Before, Between, and After - How to run a business, how to run a business, how to sell a business or product will all be mastered in the program
Embedded startup accelerator, individual mentors and scientific advisors - the master's program covers all the basic needs of an aspiring biomedical entrepreneur
Access to Sechenov University ecosystem - the doors of our country's leading laboratories, clinics and educational classrooms are open to you - get advice from experienced researchers about your product and experts for ongoing involvement in your project
Current trends in biomedicine: You will learn how to identify the need for a product and realize meaningful projects
Startup Workshop as a place that helps you take the next step at every stage from finding a topic to registering a form of ownership and implementing a marketing strategy
Opportunity to participate in several accelerators to refine your idea to MVP and beyond
Individual mentoring - you will learn how to find biomedical business ideas, as well as how to build product hypotheses and analyze competitors
Become a part of the nation's largest medical university with an annual graduation rate of more than 3,500 students
Work on professional and personal growth by utilizing all the possibilities of game-technique
How the course is conducted
This master program takes place on a modern platform, which makes the educational process even more interesting and attractive

Course is currently only in Russian
Study format
online classes,
1 week per semester in person
Invited key speakers in each topic
380k ₽

Galina Vladislavovna Ramenskaya
Full professor, Ph.D.,
Head of the Institute of Pharmacy
Sechenov University
Natalia Sergeevna Zhuravleva
Ph.D., MBA,
Senior Managing Director - Director of Sber's Education Industry Center
Dmitry Viktorovich Telyshev
Ph.D., Director of the Institute of Bionic Technologies and Engineering at
Sechenov University
Marina Kirina
CPO, Deputy General Director of Medtech.moscow, Expert of international accelerator programs, creator of VOS cosmetics brand
Elena Olegovna Bakhrushina
Associate Professor, Ph.D.,
Leading specialist in the development of
in situ directed delivery systems
Sechenov University
Anna Lapa
Biotechnological engineer, IP lawyer,
Chief Specialist of the Intellectual Property Department of JSC "Generium", Laureate of Intellectual Property Russia Awards
Dmitry Dmitriyevich Volosov
Medical Director
JSC Nizhpharm
Sergey Vyacheslavovich Zhdanov
MBA Sberbank 500,
Managing Director - Director of Sberbank Health Industry Center
Ilya Nikolayevich Chistyakov
MD, Founder and CEO of CDKI LLC and Pushchino Biotechnologies LLC
Alexander Mikhailovich Vlasov
Associate Professor, Candidate of Physical Sciences,
Deputy General Director for Development and Production
Pharm Aid Ltd.
Alexander Reshetnev
Master's degree in Regenerative Medicine, Provisioner,
Co-founder and CEO of the biomedical startup VETSTEM
Mikhail Rubtsov
Ph.D. in Biology, Deputy Director of the Center for Industrial Technologies and Entrepreneurship, Sechenov University.
Sechenov University
Sechenov University has many research laboratories in various fields of biomedicine, research clinics, as well as partnerships with major industrial partners and foreign universities around the world to share experience and knowledge.
The 1st Moscow State Medical University named after I. I. M. Sechenov is the successor of the Medical Faculty of the Imperial Moscow University (IMU), established on January 25 1755  Since 1918 - the 1st Moscow Medical Institute. Since 1918 the medical faculty of the 1st Moscow State University, since 1930 the 1st Moscow Medical Institute.
Currently, Sechenov University is developing into a global research university that is a leader and trendsetter in education, innovation and commercialization of the latest scientific achievements.
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